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Switch Presentations

Below are the presentations for the Thematic Twinning Events – Switch to a Renewable Future

Friday 4th March


Kate Watson, Bristol City Council

Policy UK Bristol City Council

Robert Wojciak, A Low Carbon Economy for Rabka

Policy Poland Low Carbon Economy in English

Gerd Linke, The Renewable Energy Law and Funding in Germany Friday_Murrhardt_EU finance (e)

Jean Paul Forveille, Energy Policy in South Mayenne

Policy France in French


Prof. Axel Goodbody, Why are some countries more able to establish community energy than others; a cross cultural perspective.

Planning UK Energy Culture in English

Goodbody Community Energy Polish


Jan-Willem Bode, Mongoose Energy, New Finance Models – Local Energy Supply in the UK

Finance UK Mongoose in English


Finance UK Mongoose in German

Finance UK Mongoose FRENCH

Gerd Linke, Capital Costs for Renewables in the EU

Finance Germany Renewable Costs in English

Prof. Keith Barnham, Renewables and Reducing Electricity Costs

Finance UK Energy Costs Barnham in English

Barnham Energy Costs – Polish

Barnham Energy Costs FRENCH

Finance UK Energy Costs Barnham in GermanSaturday 5th March

Low carbon buildings

Bob Prewett, How low should we go with low-carbon retrofit?

Buildings UK Retrofit in English

Buildings UK Retrofit in German


Josselin Pousset, Patrice Houtin, Jean Paul Forveille Low energy retrofit: A holistic approach for eco exemplars.

Buildings France in English

Buildings France in French

Maria Nowacka, Municipal Housing Management

Buildings Poland in English

Lars Kaltenleitner and Gerhard Schroeter, German Programs for Funding Low Carbon Buildings and LED Bulbs in Buildings

Muhardt LEDFilamentBulbIntroduction_UK

Murrhardt low carbon buildings


Anna Francis, Community Energy

Renewables UK Community Energy in English

Renewables UK Community Energy in Polish

Lucy Francis, Wyke Farms, Energy from Food Waste

Renewables UK Wyke Farm in English

Wyke Farms – Polish

Renewables UK Wyke Farm in German

Anthony Battersby, River Power Around Frome

Renewables UK Hydro in English

Renewables UK Hydro in Polish

Hydro Battersby FRENCH

Prof. Keith Barnham, Going for Zero, How to become a 100% Renewable Town

Renewables UK Barnham in English

Barnham Renewable Supply – Polish

Barnham Renewable Supply FRENCH

Renewables UK Barnham in German

Camille Dressler, Isle of Eigg, A Renewable Island

Renewables UK Isle of Eigg English

Renewables UK Isle of Eigg in Polish

Renewables UK Isle of Eigg German

Camille Dressler FRENCH

Julien Glangetas, Laurence Deschamps, Pierre Thebault, Renewable Energy from Local Resources

Renewables France in French

Dariusz Makowski and Wioletta Miskowiec, Renewable Energy in Poland

Renewables Poland in Polish

Dietmar Baessler, Jakob Schaefer and Gerald Wurster, Best Practice in Renewable Energy in Germany

Germany RenewablesSustainable Lifestyles

Ellie Grebenik, Co-wheels, Sharing Transport Needs

Lifestyles UK Cowheels in English

Lifestyles UK Cowheels in Polish

Cowheels presentation FRENCH

Joel Raimbault, Jean Paul Forveille, Marie-Line Dasse and Julien Glangetas, France: Energy Saving for All

Lifestyles France in French

Monika Chlebek Spa Treatment and Sustainable Lifestyles

Lifestyles Poland in English

Lifestyles Poland in Polish

Maika Bakker, Nature Parks

Lifestyles Germany Nature Park in English

1 March 2016
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1 March 2016
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