Discuss and Do

Discuss and Do is a comprehensive and unique programme of business discussions and workshops exploring and sharing information, skills and tools. These free events are aimed at helping local enterprises to develop, prosper and support each other. They are from lived examples by real businesses in town, and the forum encourages discussion and engagement on all levels. This is a chance for us to collaborate, share our experiences and work together to build stronger, healthier organisations and a vibrant business community.

Organised by Frome and District Chamber of Commerce, Frome Town Council and supported by Enterprise Mendip, Discuss and Do is a free and unique programme of events in business administration to support local enterprises.

Discuss and Do will be organised at different venues around town, running from 6pm to 7.30pm on the 4th Tuesday of the month.

Upcoming Events

26 March, 6pm – Marketing & selling on facebook
Rye Bakery, Whittox lane, BA11 3BY

Come along to hear a panel of experts talk about the best ways to market and sell on facebook – covering topics such as CPA, how to link in with Google Analytics, making the best out of A/B testing  and key tips for  converting sales.

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Past Events

26 February, 6pm – An evening of phishing (some practical advice to help you protect yourself)
The Old Church School, BA11 1HR

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you have a computer system then there is someone out there trying to break in to it. The proof? Just read the newspapers or watch the news. Every week, it seems, that this organisation has suffered a data breach or that one has been hit by some kind of cyber-attack.

So it’s probably no surprise to discover that your business is under constant attack. It is also probably true that when you think of information security you think of the cost, time and expertise required to solve some of these problems. Which means everyone needs to think about information security if you are to avoid hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

IT Security expert Rik Kershaw-Moore of Tsiolkovsky IT Security Solutions will present an eye-opening demonstration of the latest Internet scams and security threats and explain what practical steps SMEs should take to protect their business and personal data. You will gain a general overview of the main tactics attackers use and learn how you can take simple, inexpensive steps to protect yourself and your business.

22 January, 6pm – Planning a business and creating a business plan
The Old Church School, BA11 1HR

Nigel Harris of Burton Sweet, chartered accountants and business advisers, will lead a practical session on business planning for both new and established businesses. A business plan is the route map for your business and will help you stay on track towards your goals. You will also learn what lenders and investors look for in a good business plan. Delegates will leave with ideas, tools and templates to enable them to draft their own business plan.

27th Nov, 6pm – Worried About Tax
HUBnub Centre, BA11 3BY

An opportunity to talk about tax, and ask local professionals those questions that have been bugging you. If you have any worries about deadlines, limits, penalties then this is the event for you.

Experienced local professionals will host practical group sessions answering your questions on the major business taxes including Personal Income Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT and Payroll. They will share popular tips and tricks and help you to answer the question ‘am I paying too much tax?’