Good Business

Economic, social and environmental business benefits link togetherFrome Town Council offers free good business reviews for local businesses.

Through inviting businesses to fill in an online questionnaire, we aim to learn about the good things businesses are doing as well as offering the chance to explore together ways of helping reduce their environmental impact and connect with the local community.

Benefits to businesses include opportunities to:

  • Reflect on strategic priorities and ways of working
  • Reduce the organisation’s environmental impact
  • Create stronger links with other organisations and contribute to the prosperity and well-being of the town
  • Gain recognition for their economic, social and environmental practice through receiving a Good Business certification

You can fill in the questionnaire below and if you’d like to receive a Good Business review please contact Anna Francis

Create your own user feedback survey

B Corps

Frome Town Council is keen to support and promote ‘good businesses’, business that values social and environmental impacts alongside economic development. As part of this we are exploring whether to link up with B Corps – a global movement to measure impacts, share resources and ensure that these values are embedded into the core of what businesses are about. See draft info pack below:

B Corp – Frome – Information Pack 

A sustainable(ish) makeover for your business

Thanks to the likes of Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg, we all more aware than ever that we need to make some changes to how we live. But what we often forget is that we need to make changes to how we work too. The short films below from Jen Gale, Sustainable-ish CIC founder, Anna Francis, Resilience Manager at Frome Town Council and Johannes Moeller, Director of Edventure: Frome CIC, outline changes we can make, the benefits of taking action and support that is available.

Last updated May 2020