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Frome Twinning Association

Photo of large group of people outside Frome's twin town's town hall.

Frome is twinned with Château-Gontier, France, Murrhardt, Germany and Rabka-Zdrój, Poland.

In September 2019 we were excited to be the host of the annual Quadripartite event with a full programme of events showcasing what Frome has to offer and make even more long-lasting friendships between the four towns.

Frome Twinning Association

The most tangible evidence of the success of Frome’s association with its partners is the wide variety of exchange visits, which continue to take place. There are required formal civic events, but social ones arranged between organisations or individuals within the town vastly outnumber these.

Over the years these have included trips by several schools, by the college, by churches, by the emergency services, by youth organisations and often simply by small groups of individuals or families.

For more information, please visit the Frome Twinning Association’s website.

Contact details:

Contact Secretary – Ann Taylor; Email: robandanntaylor@hotmail.com

7 January 2016
Last Updated
6 April 2023