Sustainability & Resilience

Climate Emergency, What Next for Town and Parish Councils?

Frome Town Council is hosting a series of webinars to share ideas and projects with other towns and parishes. The second of the series took place on 17th June 2020. A film of the webinar will be available shortly and below are resources that participants shared during the session:

Anna Francis, Frome Town Council’s Resilience Officer – FTC Update June 2020

Ben Plummer, Climate Emergency Project Officer, Colchester Borough Council:
Climate Change Decision Wheel Guidance V2
Environmental Checklist guidance CBC
Bristol completed example – assessment of environmental impacts
Islington guidance on project environmental impacts

Steve Mewes, Director, Somerset Climate Action Network:
SCAN Opening presentation

Sarah Briton, Councillor, Wells City Council:
Wells CAN Do February 2020

Wedmore Energy Study