Sustainability & Resilience

Climate Emergency, What Next for Town and Parish Councils?

Frome Town Council is hosting a series of webinars to share ideas and projects with other towns and parishes. The second of the series took place on 17th June 2020. A film of the webinar will be available shortly and below are resources that participants shared during the session:

Anna Francis, Frome Town Council’s Resilience Officer – FTC Update June 2020

Ben Plummer, Climate Emergency Project Officer, Colchester Borough Council:
Climate Change Decision Wheel Guidance V2
Environmental Checklist guidance CBC
Bristol completed example – assessment of environmental impacts
Islington guidance on project environmental impacts

Steve Mewes, Director, Somerset Climate Action Network:
SCAN Opening presentation

Sarah Briton, Councillor, Wells City Council:
Wells CAN Do February 2020

Wedmore Energy Study

View a recording of the “Climate Emergency What Next for Towns and Parishes” meeting held on 2nd September 2020.

Zero Carbon Towns – Making It Happen, June 2018

Black and white image of electricity pylons

Cutting emissions in our towns is vital to minimise the risks of climate change, to reduce the impact of air pollution and create energy resilience. But how can we make this happen? And where are we now?

To answer some of these questions Frome Town Council brought together Climate Works, the Centre for Alternative Technology and councillors and policy makers from around the South West and further afield. This was followed by Paul Allen’s ‘Extraordinary Story of Human Beings, Energy and Happiness.’

The presentations from the event are here:

Anna Francis, Resilience Manager at Frome Town Council – watch her presentation or take a look at the powerpoint: Frome’s Story (pptx, 19MB)

Mark Letcher, Climate Works – Zero Carbon Plan and Spreadsheet presentation (pptx, 14MB) 

Paul Allen, Centre for Alternative Technology – watch Paul’s presentation and download the PDF: Zero Carbon Frome (PDF, 6.3MB)

Climate Work’s zero carbon spreadsheet is available here Zero carbon spreadsheet tool (xlsx, 82KB)

people sitting round table at meetingNotes from group discussions are here:
Energy and Renewables (docx, 12KB)

Retrofit and Reducing Energy (docx, 16KB)

Transport and other ideas (docx, 16KB)

More info, reports and tool-kits are available from from CAT /  Zero Carbon Britain.