Grants Committee

This committee awards community grants of up to £3,000 to community organisations that apply to the community grant fund. They are also responsible for the design of the Mayor’s Grants. Decision making for the Mayor’s Grant is made by the Town Clerk in consultation with the Mayor.

Forthcoming dates:

  • Opening date for applications: Monday 2nd September
  • Closing date for applications: 5pm on Monday 28th October
  • Grants committee meeting: Wednesday 20th Nov, 7pm

For more details about the community grants and how to apply visit our page on organisation support.

The committee will be responsible for a review of:

  • The design and content of the application forms for both Community Grants and Mayor’s Grants
  • The design and content of the terms and conditions for both Community Grants and Mayor’s Grants
  • Set the criteria that applications must demonstrate Standing Orders 18
  • Setting three application rounds per year for Community Grants and the associated closing dates and meeting dates of the committee to be held in public
  • To publicise the meeting dates of the Grants Committee in advance
  • Setting a scoring system, related to the criteria, for the committee to inform their decision making
  • To decide whether to award grants based on the applications received.
  • Record the reasons why applications were refused and any changes to grants awarded.
  • The Grants committee will be chaired by the Mayor

The committee will meet a minimum of twice a year.

Grants Committee meetings

12 June 2024
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8 July 2024