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Here you can find information on funding available to help support community groups and organisations across Frome.

Mayor’s Grants

We accept small grant applications to the Mayor’s Small Grant fund which are up to £300.  There is no deadline for these applications and they are assessed on a rolling basis until funds are depleted.

Please note we can only accept applications from organisations with an annual turnover of £20,000 or less.

For more information and to apply:

Community Grants

The Community Grants 2024/25 is now open for applications.

This fund is for applications of up to £3k from groups and organisations who can demonstrate:

  • How the project will support FTC’s ambition ‘to build a town that is environmentally sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous with a community that is more resilient, happier, and better able to shape its own future.’
  • A need for the project / existing gap in provision.
  • A direct positive impact for Frome residents.
  • How the project will be financially sustainable in the long term, independent of FTC funding.

The closing date for applications is 9am Monday 27th May 2024. The meeting of the Grants Committee to decide on allocating grants will take place at Frome Town Hall on Wednesday 19th June 2024 at 7pm.

For more information and to apply:

Please return your completed forms to

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