Oversight Committee

This committee enables Cllrs to scrutinise what is often called “business as usual” areas of work and explore how to improve performance and efficiency.

The Committee principally focuses on:

  • Policies in the Council’s constitution (excluding Standing Orders, Finance Regulations, Cllrs code of conduct that must be reviewed by Council);
  • Financial administration, including savings and investments, monitoring income and expenditure against the budget and making recommendations to Council accordingly.
  • All aspects of risk management and insurance
  • All aspects of Health and Safety policy and monitoring of health and safety incidents, such as staff accidents at work or accidents to the public on the Council’s estate
  • The Frome Town Hall and the Council estate
  • Policies and processes related to communications and marketing, including FTC events and those events that FTC supports.
  • ICT planning and delivery (including websites and CRM) and matters relating to data protection.
  • All aspects related to human resources (both paid staff and volunteers) beyond the remit of the Council and the Town Clerk, and establishing a group comprising three Cllrs including the Chair of the committee to address staff grievance, complaints, and disciplinary issues beyond the authority of the Town Clerk
  • Civic and twinning matters

This Committee will meet quarterly each year.

Oversight Committee meetings

18 May 2023
Last Updated
26 February 2024