Plastic Free

On 13th December 2017 Frome Town Council unanimously agreed to become a ‘single-use’ plastic-free council. This will be done by phasing out the use of unrecyclable single-use plastic products in all council activities by April 2018. The Council will also encourage facility users and local organisations to do the same by promoting alternatives and organising a bulk buy. Already several cafes in the town including: Moo and Two, Garden Cafe and the River House have agreed to phase out plastic straws, to reduce straws used and to replace plastic straws with either biodegradable or paper ones. A full list of cafes who sign up will be available soon along with a Plastic Free Guide to Frome.

Our plans were featured on Points West here

Plastic Free Events

Upcoming events

June 6th 2018, 12.30pm or 7.30pm Frome Town Hall – A Plastic Ocean film screening – book tickets here 

Previous events

May 8th 2018, 7.30pm, Frome Town Hall – Plastic Free Frome meeting – open to anyone to plan action to reduce plastic waste in Frome.

Community Event February 20th Frome Town Hall

More than 70 people came to our community event to discuss and plan activities around reducing plastic waste in Frome. The notes from the workshop are below.

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Actions you can do as an individual

  • Remember your refillable water bottle
  • Take a reusable coffee cup and refuse single-use take away cups
  • Refuse single-use packaging
  • Resist a straw or a buy a re-usable one
  • Refuse a single-use plastic bag and take your own
  • Take your own cutlery or use sustainable alternatives
  • Avoid single-use plastics in the bathroom
  • Refuse single-use condiment sachets
  • If you visit a beach grab a handful of plastic pollution and recycle or dispose of it

More ideas at:

Non-plastic catering equipment and packaging can be bought from the following suppliers: