Plastic free on the move

Refillable 'Frome' water bottles

Staying plastic free on the move might be easier than you think.  It just needs a bit of forward planning.

Here are our top tips for staying plastic free while you’re out and about…

Shopping bags
Invest in a long life shopping bag, ideally made out of a non-plastic material. These bags can be folded and kept in your bag or car to use when you shop.  Most large supermarkets have a carrier bag collection point where single-use plastic bags can be returned and recycled.

Refillable water bottle
Invest in a strong bottle, ideally glass or metal, bottle. There are plenty on the market, including our very own Discover Frome bottles available from the Discover Frome information point and Frome Town Hall.  You can fill your bottle with tap water for free in businesses all over town. Download the free Refill app for listings of refill points across the country.

Reusable coffee cup
Invest in a reusable coffee mug or thermos. Ecoffee Cups and Keep Cups are available to buy from several of Frome’s cafés. There’s a huge range on the market and many stores now offer a discount for people who bring their own mug.

Buy loose produce
There are a number of shops like SK Fruits in town where you can get loose produce at reasonable prices. There are also a number of local farmers markets, details of which are listed on Discover Frome. When shopping in your local supermarket, save plastic by placing loose veg straight into your trolley.

Bring your own containers & cutlery
Whether it’s to store leftovers from restaurant dinners or to buy from bulk stores, bringing your own containers prevents a huge part of daily plastic use. Even major chains like Greggs are happy to pop your pastry or coffee in whatever container you’ve brought. And consider buying a ‘spork’ or keeping an old fork or spoon handy for those impromptu takeaways or lunches on the run.

Subscribe online
Rather than buying your favourite plastic-wrapped magazine or paper, subscribe online. You’ll keep up to date with all the latest news in a faster and more earth-friendly fashion.

Make your own snacks
This requires planning ahead but is also cheaper and usually healthier in the long run.

Plan for rain
Always try to have a raincoat in your bag or car, especially at festivals. We all know, chances are British festivals will be muddy, that goes for street parties and general summer frivolity. Take a small packable waterproof rather than buying disposable plastic ponchos.

Quit gum
Most chewing gum is now made using Polyvinyl which is a type of plastic. The label may list ‘gum base’ as the main ingredients. This obscure description means it can contain: “petrolatum, lanolin, glycerine, polyethylene, polyvinyl acetate, petroleum wax, stearic acid or latex” (source: VRG). So, not only does gum end up littering our streets but also your insides.

Say no to free throwaways
It can be easy to ignore the plastic waste that comes with freebies. For example stickers, balloons, badges and free tester pots. All of these items are unnecessary plastic extras and are best avoided.

Takeout without 
Refuse plastic cutlery and asking for the ‘pizza saver’ not to be included when ordering pizza. Avoid buying/using small portions of sauce in little plastic sachets.

12 June 2019
Last Updated
12 February 2021