Recycling plastic

plastic recycling

Recycling doesn’t have to stop at the kerbside. There are now various recycling schemes available to help dispose of the more tricky plastic items we can’t live without. We’ve included several here, but you can also search the Terracycle website to find out what you can recycle and where. If you know of any recycling schemes in Frome that are not listed on this page please tell us about them.

Recycling points can be found at the Town Hall. Find out what you can recycle.

Recycling points can be found at the ASDA Pharmacy on Warminster Road and at Boots on Market Place.

Contact lenses
Boots Opticians on Cheap Street have a Terracycle Acuvue collection point. Any brand of soft disposable contact lens and the blister packaging (including foil lid) are accepted.

Plastic bags & ‘stretchy plastic’
Some supermarkets, including the Marks & Spencer Food Hall in Kingsway, have carrier bag recycling points.

Accepted items include carrier bags, bread bags, fruit & veg bags, breakfast cereal liners, shrink wrap and joiners from multi-packs of cans and bottles, frozen food bags, dry cleaning bags, magazine and newspaper wrappers and bubble wrap.

As more companies switch to compostable packaging, please check the label first, as plant-based compostable items can’t be recycled with plastics.

Crisp, biscuit & bakery packaging & Pringles tubes
Recycle any brand of crisp packet including multi-pack outer packaging. But don’t fold the crisp packets into triangles! Cracker and non-savoury biscuit and cake wrappers. Any brand of plastic bread bags and closure tags, Warburtons wax wraps and any brand of bakery plastic packaging including plastic trays, zipper bags and plastic packs. The nearest Terracycle collection points are at Upper Row Farm.

Air, Home and Laundry
Terracycle offer this scheme which includes laundry washing capsules and pods, plastic air freshener containers, cartridge caps and car air fresheners, flexible dishwasher tablets, flexible wipe packaging and plastic tubs, tinted fabric conditioner bottles and caps, tumble dryer sheets. The nearest collection point is currently at Upper Row Farm.

Printer cartridges
Ellenbray accepts your old printing cartridges to recycle.

Toothbrushes & toothpaste tubes
Portway Dental Practice and Upper Row Farm have a Terracycle Oral Care collection point where you can recycle any brand of toothpaste tubes (including caps and cartons), plastic toothbrushes (and their outer packaging) and electric and battery toothbrush heads.  In order to recycle this waste stream properly, all excess toothpaste needs to have been removed.

Medical blister packs
Lloyds Pharmacy at Sainsburys has a collection point for empty medical blister packs.

Writing Instruments
All writing instruments (except for wooden pencils and chalk) including any brand of pen, felt tip, highlighter, marker, correction fluid pot, correction tape, mechanical pencil and eraser pen regardless of their composition. Terracycle collection points for these can be found at Oakfield Academy and Holy Trinity Church.

12 June 2019
Last Updated
17 May 2022