Household and Homeware

Frome Hardware window display of brushes
Frome Hardware window display

Explore Frome independent retailers to discover where you can purchase plastic free household and homeware items.

Frome Hardware
Scourers, soaps, turtle bags, pegs, polishes and varnishes, braid, wooden kitchen utensils, metal straws, feather dusters, wooden pencils,  dish clothes, kettle descaler, hammers, axes, range of brushes, odour eliminating candles, twine, filament bulbs, Kilner jars, metal mugs and dish sets, wooden apple corer, metal soap dishes, stainless steel refill water bottle, drinking glasses, laundry soap flakes, chopping boards, aprons, scissors, spoons, brooms and dusters.

Cleaning products – bring your own bottles or buy a glass dispenser. Beeswax wraps, wooden dish brushes and natural fibre scrubbing pads, reusable bottles, cutlery and containers perfect for packed lunches and more.

Frome Wholefoods
Refillable washing up liquid, laundry liquid and fabric conditioner, grease proof paper, laundry bleach, washing powder, biodegradable bin bags, tea lights, scrub pads and coffee filters.

Refillable household cleaning products can also be bought in bulk. Other items listed come in either tin, glass or cardboard packaging.

Refillable eco cleaning products – hand soap, all purpose cleaner and washing up liquid. Refillable 500ml glass screen-printed bottles available, or take your own (500ml minimum). Fifth refill is free.

Garden Cafe Next Door
Bamboo reusable coffee cups.

Items are either plastic free and without packaging or packaged in cardboard.

Bramble and Wild
Beeswax candles, ceramic flower pots, flowers wrapped in brown paper and twine.

Bramble and Wild are working towards greater levels of plastic-free packaging and zero waste. Their plastic flower trays are reused through a donation to local nurseries.

Items for babies and children, clothing, DIY hand and power tools, decorations, gardening hand and power tools, household items and furniture, medical equipment, kitchen equipment, vehicle equipment to borrow.

Visit the Share Shop website for a full list of items and further information.

The Golden Goose
Blankets by Tweed Mill and Broney, Amino glassware, Wild and Wolf Gentleman’s accessories including stainless steel refill water bottle.

Millers Homestores
Beeswax sandwich wraps, bamboo refill coffee cups (bring your own bag).

Oakville Care Centre
Beeswax polish, scented candles (bring your own bag).

Peter Abbott Co West
Refills of bolts, nuts and screws (bring your own container).

12 June 2019
Last Updated
12 February 2021