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Shopping for plastic free food and drink might be easier than you think.

In Frome we’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to independent businesses – especially when so many offer plastic free alternatives.

Check out some of these local shops to reduce your plastic footprint and help boost the local economy.

Minimal waste shop Denude has your cupboards covered – pasta, rice, beans, grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, cereals, baking goods, snacks, oils and vinegars, herbs and spices and teas and coffee.  They also make their own nut milks and nut butters. Take your own containers (paper bags available to purchase) and help yourself to as much or as little as you need.

Frome Whole Foods
Loose tea, vegetables, bread, herbs and spices. Bulk buy cereals, flours, dried fruit, pulses, soya protein, nuts and seeds, coconut flakes and a wide variety of grains.  You can also find drinking chocolate, juices and cordials, chocolate bars, vegetarian and vegan sausages and burgers, sauces, condiments, vinegars, oils, jams and honey all packaged in either glass, paper or cardboard.

Some of their products also come in a plant-based cellophane – look for the red label. They are able to sell bulk in any of their dried fruit, pulses, nuts and seeds.

Garden Cafe Next Door
Milk and oat milk refills. Other refillable items include: lentils, cereals, rice, oats, pasta, quinoa, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, dates, spices, olives, almonds, walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts and pine nuts.  Loose fruit and veg (even cucumbers), a selection of jam, honey and condiments in glass jars, cordials, vinegar and sauces, tins of pulses and fresh bread.

Bring your own containers for refillable or loose items (paper bags also available).

The Old Bake House
A wide range of bread including gluten-free, white, wholemeal, sweet and savoury. Also handmade cakes and pastries.

Rye Bakery
Rye bread, sourdough and spelt loaves.

Parsons Bakery
Bread rolls, loaves and pastries.

J. Cayford
Beef, lamb, pork, bacon, free-range chicken, sausages, burgers. Take your own container.

Penleigh Farm Traditional Butchers
Pork, lamb, turkey, chicken, beef, pies, meatballs, sausages, bones, local game, spice mixes, chutneys, sauces, stuffing mixes.

If you bring our own container, for health and safety, they must first wrap the meat in paper. Penleigh’s use white sugar cane compostable trays for much of their produce, their carrier bags are also paper. Non-meat items listed are packaged in glass or cardboard.

H.E Williams & Sons
Pork, turkey, lamb, free range chicken and duck, local honey.

Bring your own container and this butcher will happily fill it for you as their ethos is all about the old-fashioned pre-plastic days. Alternatively, you can use their envelope style paper containers which fit all sizes of produce.

Milk Station at Frome station
Fresh free range whole milk. Pasteurised but not homogenised milk refills direct from the farm £1 per litre.

Polish Shop Kasia
Loose fruit and vegetables (bring your own bag).

Sagebury Cheese
Refillable coffee beans, loose deli counter items including cheeses and olives.

SK Fruits
Large range of fruit and vegetables (bring your own bag).

Holland & Barrett
Nut butters, tahini, honey, condiments, spelt and GF flour, juices, cordials and tea.

Holland & Barrett also accept any old containers, including plastic, from their products. 100% of which are then recycled.

Hungry Heroes and Mums High Street Ranges are plastic free. Iceland has vowed to end plastic use in their stores by 2022. All new items will be coming in biodegradable packaging.

The Griffin
Refillable 4 pint jugs of on tap beers and cider.

Just Ales Micro Pub
Refillable on tap beers and cider. Refills using Growlers.

Palmer Street Bottle
Refillable on tap beers, red and white wine, takeaway cheese boards. Just bring your own bottle to refill. Currently transitioning to further plastic free take away solutions for their milkshakes.

Home Deliveries

Milk and vegetable boxes delivered to your door.

Milk & More
Milk, juice, yogurt, fruit & veg and cordial delivered to your door.

Riverford Organic
Organic veg boxes. Some items (such as salad) come in plastic bags, but all packaging can be returned to Riverford for re-use or recycling.

Out of town

Mells Village shop
Hobbs House Bakery bread and rolls, fruit & veg.

Tytherington Milk Station
Fresh free range whole milk. Pasteurised but not homogenised milk refills direct from the farm £1 per litre.

White Row Farm Shop, Beckington
Wide selection of loose fruit and vegetables, butchers and deli (bring your own bag/containers).

12 June 2019
Last Updated
22 March 2022