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Climate Action Group

The Climate Action Group is an informal advisory group, developing, influencing and implementing projects that help to reduce Frome’s carbon footprint and to restore biodiversity.

Frome’s path to carbon neutrality has always been rooted in community. In 2019 a consultation of 150 Frome residents helped to create the Climate Action Plan. The Climate Action Group will meet to review the progress of this plan and to identify ways to push things even further. This initial meeting will be the first of many, as the group meets every three months to consolidate progress and develop new plans. To keep progress ticking along and to ensure no aspect of climate and ecological policy gets left behind, those attending will split into four groups, focusing on transport, energy, zero waste, and green spaces & biodiversity.

Members will use the group as a means to help people to keep healthy, active and green, and as a space where sectors can learn from and be inspired by one another about sustainable practice. Whether you are part of a business, a community group, a charity or just an interested individual then you will be welcome. Expertise is not a requirement!


The Climate Action Group’s first meeting will be held on the 25th January, from 7pm. It will be held online.

2 December 2021
Last Updated
5 January 2022