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Wildlife and Biodiversity

Butterfly on wild flowers

Frome is full of beautiful green spaces well managed by our Rangers for both people and wildlife. From otters and hedgehogs to many species of birds, bats and insects there is a lot to see.

The 2019 State of Nature Report which was put together using wildlife data from over 50 conservation organisations showed that since 1970 41% of the UK’s species have declined and 15% are now at risk of extinction. This is very concerning and some of the main reasons for species decline that are listed in the report are climate change and habitat fragmentation.

Frome Town Council was one of the first councils to declare a Climate Emergency, which was followed by a declaration of Ecological Emergency because we recognise that the two issues are strongly interlinked and must be addressed together.

Learn about the projects we are working on and supporting to help our wildlife and improve the biodiversity of our local area and find out how you can get involved:

14 January 2022
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14 January 2022