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Sustainable transport

Photo of electric bike pedal

Transport has a huge impact on our lives, on the environment and on the local economy. Whilst it is not an area that town and parish councils usually get involved in, there are some key actions that can be taken that can help to increase active lifestyles, reduce air pollution and enhance the local economy.

The Council’s transport strategy outlines some of these opportunities while highlighting key roles for other stakeholders including the planning authority Somerset Council and transport providers.

The strategic priorities include:

  • Research into travel needs
  • Promoting active travel, such as Frome’s Missing Links and the School Active Travel Challenge
  • Lobby Somerset for better cycling routes
  • Planning – support and lobby for mix of work, housing and services, walkable neighbourhoods, safe walking and cycling routes
  • Reducing fossil fuels – lift share, electric vehicles, public transport
  • Exploring alternatives – tailoring solutions to meet mobility needs
5 October 2017
Last Updated
9 May 2023