Keep It Frome

Keep it Frome

A Celebration of Frome’s Circular Economy.

Most of us try to avoid waste and don’t like throwing things away. But sometimes it seems like nothing is built to last, from plastic cutlery to fast fashion and gadgets that break within a year.

The good news is that Frome’s chock full of people fixing, repairing, growing food and sharing stuff. This is what’s known as the ‘circular economy’ because it keeps materials flowing around the town instead of sending them on a one way trip to the rubbish tip.

Keep It Frome is a new campaign to show how a circular economy is growing fast in our town. From Mark using old car parts at Nunney Road Garage to Claire repairing clothes for anyone who needs them, this is about people helping each other, saving money and looking after nature all at the same time.

This page is just a small selection of the people and organisations out there. We’re adding more names all the time at and we’d love you to seek them out.

Frome is off to a brilliant start and this circular economy is something we can all be proud of. But it needs your help to keep growing. Please reduce where you can, share stuff with your neighbours, and support the amazing businesses listed here who are all striving to Keep It Frome. Thank you!

This project is a collaboration between Loop:Frome and Glimpse and was funded by Be the Earth.

19 May 2023
Last Updated
20 February 2024