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Cost of Living Crisis Support

Money notes and coins

In 2022, Frome Town Council partnered with Frome Medical Practice to produce a leaflet to help signpost residents to the projects, places, community groups as well as help and support they might need during a cost of living crisis, including a calendar of ‘Warm spaces’ in Frome.

The leaflet was delivered to homes across the town with the Frome Times in November 2022, and you can also download it from this page. An updated leaflet will be produced in November 2023 and will be available to pick up from spaces across Frome. Please check back soon.

Warm Spaces Calendar

Frome Town Council, with partners across Frome, have updated their Warm Spaces calendar for 2023-24. Launched last year as part of Frome’s support with the cost of living, hundreds of residents enjoyed a warm and friendly welcome, free and low-cost meals, and a chance to get out of the house for a while with no obligation to spend money.

Timetable of Frome's Warm Spaces. Use the link below to add the warm spaces to your device's calendar or call 01373 465 757 if you are having trouble reading the timetable

In addition to The Good Heart’s standard opening times, they have lots of free groups and drop-in sessions that support wellbeing and connection such as the popular Tiny Hearts drop-ins for under 5s and their grown ups, the monthly Dying Matters group, and more starting soon including a monthly mental health group, men’s group and Climate Café. Visit the Good Heart website to see what’s coming up or follow The Good Heart on Facebook.

Download the Warm Spaces timetable directly into your device’s calendar:

Download the Cost of Living Support leaflet:

You can also find more information and support on the following pages:

4 November 2022
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18 October 2023