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The Neighbourhood Network

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The Frome Neighbourhood Network exists to help build connected, caring and resilient communities in Frome at the street and neighbourhood level.

The Network is a citizen-led organisation where neighbourhood ‘networkers’, representing their local group, meet regularly to share ideas, news, inspiration, and for mutual support. This way, good ideas can spread across neighbourhoods and resources and information can be shared.

Neighbourhood groups vary in size and format and communicate in different ways, from doorstep chats to WhatsApp and Facebook groups. The Network can make it easier for these groups to connect for shared purposes, fun celebrations or events, and galvanise around issues, whilst also respecting that each street is independent and will do what is best for them.

If you would like to connect your neighbourhood please sign up here. You’ll receive a monthly newsletter full of updates, info and events to share with your neighbourhood group, and invitations to monthly ‘Toolkit’ sessions on a variety of useful topics.

Take a look at the map of neighbourhood groups below. If you can see that a group exists on your street, and you’d like to get in touch with them, email hstopford@frometowncouncil.gov.uk. If there is no group for your street yet, Hannah can also help you get one started if you need support to do so.

Farmhouse Drive, Packsaddle Way and Pedlars Grove
Beechwood Avenue & Beechwood Close

Nunney road – between Oakfield road and Lynfield road
Avenue Road
Gentle Street
Oakfield Road between Dommetts Lane to Nunny Road
Wallbridge Avenue
Victoria Road
Lower Keyford
Willow Vale
Tadley Meadow
Fromefield and the cul de sac end of Rodden Road
Nunney Road from junction with Oakfield Road to Trinity School
Castle Street/Whittox Lane/Milk Street corner
The Mount / Mount Pleasant
Stoodley Terrace
West End & Welshmill Lane
South Oakfield Road
Trinity area
Spring Road, Welshmill Road, Rosedale Walk, Elliot Close, Wickham Rise
Chapmans Close
Vallis Road
Catherine Street
Selwood Road
Goulds Ground and Goulds Lane
Redland Terrace
Avenue Road
Edmund Park Estate
Alexander Road, Alexander Terrace, Adderwell Road and parts of Summer Hill
Lewis Crescent
Wyville Road
Dragonfly Close
Feltham Drive
Horton Street
Keyford Mews
Wellow Drive
Mulberry Court
Vallis Veg
Lynfield Road
Wedmore Close to Holly Court
Vicarage Street
The Butts
Locks Hill
Bridge Street
Weston Walk
New Buildings
Rowan Court
Robins Lane
Ellworthy Court
Low Water
Foxcote Gardens
Upper Weymouth Road
Whatcombe Terrace
Mendip Drive
Upper Whatcombe
Holly Court
Dandelion Road
Tucker Close / Harris Close
Slipps Close
Innox Hill
Farley Close
Castle Street

Neighbourhood Toolkit

Explore these pages to find everything you need for everything you want to do in your street:

7 December 2020
Last Updated
9 April 2024