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Frome Busks

Each year the town comes alive with music with the annual celebration of Frome Busks.

This year, in partnership with Frome College and Selwood Academy, the event will take place on Saturday 9th March. Musicians from the college will be bringing live music into the town centre, playing mini sets across key locations including Boyle Cross, Cheap Street, King Street, the Westway, outside the Black Swan Arts and Cheese & Grain, and right up to the Valentine Lamp at the top of Catherine Hill.

There will be a mix of original and well-known songs, with musicians including singers, guitarists, pianists, drummers and even strings. A-Level Music Tech students will also gain technical experience by setting up the event.

Any funds raised through the busking will go towards extra curriculum music performances and productions for Frome College students.

Frome Busks line-up

Coming soon – watch this space!

26 January 2023
Last Updated
30 January 2024