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Welsh Mill, Park Hill Drive, Frome, BA11 2LE
075480 14066

Edventure is a low carbon organisation with a commitment to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  They have introduced a number of initiatives in the workplace to reduce their environmental impact, including moving to a 100% renewable energy supplier and removing single use items as much as possible.  Alongside this, many of the initiatives launched by Edventure have a negative carbon impact (Loop, Share Shop, Indigo and Frome Fridge for example).

Edventure are working with Frome Town Council to gain their Plastic Free Champion status and exploring ways to further encourage cycling to their co-working hub space.  They have a committed staff team who meet fortnightly for a pot-luck lunch together as well as fortnightly one-to-ones.

Edventure face the challenge of being in a rented property that is not energy efficient. They are exploring DIY draught-proofing measures such as window film, and one suggestion coming out of the meeting was requesting the landlord install LED lighting to reduce electricity costs and carbon. They are also exploring how they can reduce their digital archive to reduce the energy required to run servers.

5 October 2022
Last Updated
5 October 2022