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The Grange Offices, Combe Farm,
Whatley, Frome, BA11 3JU
0330 223 1164
Contact Name
Juliet Morgan

Kaiasm is a data science firm based on the outskirts of Frome. They help national retailers and public sector organisations radically align their offerings to answer the express needs of society, better and faster.

Kaiasm employs 15 staff members and creates a strong community within the workplace by encouraging staff to have coffee-breaks and lunches together. The expansive green space surrounding their offices in Whatley is used effectively for staff wellbeing including staff walks, growing food to eat together and even a sunflower growing competition. The company invites employee’s families to an annual summer event and partners to a Christmas-time event.

Flexible working is available to help employees make their role work within other responsibilities such as childcare, and the office runs a hybrid WFH and in office approach. They support taking on apprentices, and currently have a degree level apprentice working with them.

To reduce their environmental impact, the company strives to be paper-free, digitising any office assets, and hot composting of any organic waste on site. As the office is in a remote rural location, lift sharing is encouraged and once relationships with clients have been established by face-to-face meetings, they then move meetings online or a phone call to reduce travel.

The company strives to use local businesses and traders as much as possible using its internal communications channel for staff members to recommend local providers. Kaiasm has a Community Events budget which is used to support local initiatives and events.

4 July 2022
Last Updated
20 September 2023