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Workshops and Events

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Frome Town Council has worked alongside the Neighbourhood Network to offer a mix and match selection of training and workshops that may be useful for your street. Please contact Hannah Stopford if you are interested in taking part in any of these.

  • SUPPORT YOUR STREET: How to set up a neighbourhood group. Advice and stories from people who have set up their own street level groups, and ideas about how you can get started. (1hr)
  • SHARE IN YOUR STREET: A session with tips about how to set up Share Box or similar sharing facility in your street. Practical advice and fun ideas. (30mins)
  • Party on your street: A how-to guide for hosting celebrations on your street, including making road closure applications, risk assessments, and how to get more of your neighbours involved. (1hr)
  • KNOCK ON YOUR STREET: A quick intro to the basics of door-knocking – how to frame your questions, how to stay safe, what to do in a difficult situation. (30mins)
  • PLAY OUT ON YOUR STREET: A how-to Session for Playing Out event planning including how to make the applications, get neighbours involved and active listening for when you’re doing it. (1hr)
  • GROW YOUR GROUP: For neighbourhood groups who are interested in expanding or becoming more official. Tailored to the group and could include tips on writing constitutions, expanding membership, or applying for funding. (1hr)
  • ABCD YOUR STREET: For street level organisers – understanding the basics of strengths-based approach and how some of the asset-discovering tools could work for you on a street/neighbourhood level (1hr)

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