Volunteer in Frome

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Are you interested in volunteering? Spark Somerset Volunteer Service enables prospective volunteers to find interesting and rewarding placements with local organisations.

Organisations register on the database and are able to list their volunteering opportunities.

Volunteers register on the database and are able to indicate their interests.

Visit Spark Somerset for more information about how you an get involved in local projects.

Frome Volunteers

Frome Volunteers give their time for free in many different ways; as carers, in school parents associations, sports and club leaders, in the town’s two voluntary run theatres, with the many dance and arts providers, as local town and district Councillors, looking after open spaces, fundraising and support of many other local charities and organisations to name but a few.

Frome Town Council is committed to supporting them and the organisations they volunteer with in a range of ways:

  • Through annual celebration of volunteers in Volunteers Week
  • With regular training opportunities
  • Through the promotion of volunteering opportunities in Frome

Last updated September 2019