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Support for groups

Neighbourhood Network meeting 2022
Neighbourhood Network 2022

Community Networking Sessions 

Frome Town Council are hosting networking sessions for anyone who works in the VCFSE sector in Frome and the surrounding villages. Each session will have a different theme to be explored together and an opportunity to network and build connections.  

Please book using the links above.

Support for groups

Monthly drop-in sessions with local fundraiser Ruth Knagg. These sessions are designed for community groups and organisations who are looking for support or advice on any topic. They will be particularly helpful for established groups who are undergoing transition or changing circumstances. Ruth has a wealth of experience in the VCSFE arena and will call upon her expertise both locally and in the wider charity arena to offer support and guidance, or a friendly ear. She may not have all the answers but will certainly be able to point you in the right direction or link you to the most appropriate resources. If you are unable to make any of these drop-in sessions, or you have a very specific concern, you can email Ruth directly at ruthknagg@outlook.com to arrange a one-to-one appointment.  

Session times

  • Monday 13th May, 7pm to 9pm (Archangel)
  • Thursday 23rd May, 10am to 12pm (Frome Town Hall)
  • Monday 10th June, 7pm to 9pm (Archangel)
  • Thursday 13th June, 10am to 12pm (Frome Town Hall)
  • Monday 15th July, 7pm to 9pm (Archangel)
  • Thursday 25th July, 10am to 12pm (Frome Town Hall)
  • Monday 12th August, 7pm to 9pm (Archangel)
  • Thursday 22nd August, 10am to 12pm (Frome Town Hall)
  • Monday 9th September, 7pm to 9pm (Archangel)
  • Thursday 26th September, 10am to 12pm (Frome Town Hall)
  • Monday 14th October, 7pm to 9pm (Archangel)
  • Thursday 24th October, 10am to 12pm (Frome Town Hall)
  • Monday 11th November, 7pm to 9pm (Archangel)
  • Thursday 21st November, 10am to 12pm (Frome Town Hall)
  • Monday 9th December, 7pm to 9pm (Archangel)

Support from organisations

Here are links to organisations that provide training, support and advice to volunteer, community groups and small charities on everything from how to set up, to applying for grants. SPARK Somerset is a local organisation.  







The Resource Centre has templates and guidelines for building policies, constitutions and similar necessary documents.

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