Contracts and Tenders

Fundraising Support to Frome’s community groups

For the last four years Frome Town Council (FTC) has, successfully, contracted the services of a consultant to provide advice and support to Frome community groups, whether emerging or established, to assist them in whatever is necessary to help them raise funds for their work and to improve the lives of Frome citizens.

We are looking to continue to provide this service, with groups and organisations referred by the FTC Community Projects Officer (CPO) to the service provider. FTC will also coordinate a wider programme of training and support for organisations.

The package will include:

  • Advice on governance, organisational objectives and the type of organisation the group may need to consider constituting as.
  • Support with writing business plans for specific projects
  • Direct assistance with bid writing for projects – generally as a training or hand-holding exercise rather than actually undertaking the bid-writing itself, although there may be occasional situations where the latter is preferable
  • Help to run and deliver, in conjunction with the Community Project Officer, workshops on specific topics eg. Tips on fundraising from trusts.

The contract is for a two and a half year period with an annual fee for providing this support of £10,000.

Frome Town Council Internal Fundraising Advisor

We are looking to recruit a fundraising advisor to support the development and growth of Frome Town Council projects. The three pillars of the Town Councils strategy identify short, medium and long term goals of Environment, Wellbeing and Economic Prosperity through the delivery of a work programme with a focus on partnership working and enablement rather than direct delivery.

The types of projects seeking funding are likely to include large scale capital build projects, heritage and parks projects, play and recreational projects, environmental enhancement and fuel poverty to smaller community focussed projects.

We are also looking to the advisor to identify and inform innovative fundraising mechanisms that the Town Council could tap into going forward.

The contract is for a two and a half year period with an annual fee for providing this support of £10,000.


If you are interested in bidding for either or both of these contracts, please submit a CV and one page outline proposing how you would deliver this package, to Kate Hellard by 9am 12th June. Interviews will take place on the 21st June with a view to the contract starting early July. For more information please contact the CPO Kate Hellard on 01373 465757 or email