Millennium Green

Tree at Millennium Green

Tree works finished

We’re happy to report that the tree works on Millennium Green are finished now – meaning the path is clear again.

And with thanks to our tree surgeons, we’ve been able to retain plenty of the shape and character of the tree.


If you head across to the Green, you’ll also find that we’ve left lots of the wood to come from the tree.

Over time, this will all rot down naturally and provide great decaying and deadwood habitat – brilliant for birds and insects.

In the meantime, it’s pretty good for natural play (climbing and exploring) And you’ll find somewhere comfy to sit down, as well – with a new hand-cut, hand-crafted bench made from one the Sycamore’s branches.

Felled tree at Millennium Green

Local art & local apples

Fantastic views and local artwork, just minutes from the town centre.

Historically, Millennium Green was used as both a quarry and for grazing horses.

Since 2000, in the hands of the Frome Millennium Green Trust, the site has become a more natural area, home to lots of wildlife, a community orchard and one of the oldest trees in Frome!

The south-facing slopes here also enjoy the sunshine (as it comes!) throughout the year, with melting frosts a treat for walkers & photographers on sunny winter days.

Commissioned by the Trust, the site also features a number of pieces produced by local artists, making this a distinct and characterful landscape in the town.

Getting here

Depending on which direction you’re coming from, Millennium Green either slopes its way up towards North Parade; or down towards Rodden Meadow.

Things to do

  • Enjoy the views down to Rodden Meadow & the riverbanks. And the views across to Cley Hill and beyond!
  • Check out the carved picnic table and the benches, all made by Frome Craftsman Anthony Rogers
  • Find the community orchard
  • Take a more interesting route from the car park into the town centre, passing by the ancient Sycamore
  • Extend your walks – Millennium Green links up easily with Rodden Meadow & North Parade

Find out more

Visit the Frome Millennium Green Trust website.

Future plans

Millennium Green is managed by the Frome Millennium Green Trust.

We often work with them on projects as they come up, so if you have ideas & ambitions for the site please get in touch with either of us:

Last updated on Wednesday 7 March 2018