Other places

Whatcombe flowers green spaces

Small but perfectly formed, we also look after a number of other places in and around the town.

Foundry Barton

Hidden history in the town centre, this space features artefacts and workings from the old Singers factory, a celebrated part of Frome’s industrial past.

New Road

A dedicated play area just off New Road, to the west of the town. Take a walk through Rodden Meadow to get there.

Critchill Lane

Tucked in beside the allotment site is a quiet riverside field. The plan is to establish a community orchard here, offering free fruit to all Frome residents and passers-by. 

North Parade

Bigger and far more interesting than any first glance suggests, the woodland backdrop of North Parade is perfect for den-building and bug hunts. And just smell that wild garlic – great for pizzas, pasta sauces and all sorts of other cooking!

We also look after:

  • The Otherside footpath
  • Chapmans Close
  • Packsaddle
  • Tower View
22 October 2015
Last Updated
7 February 2021