Rodden Meadow

Photo of Rodden Meadow in summer.

Wildflowers, wildlife & wild grasses

Rodden Meadow is an ancient meadow just minutes from the town centre.

Situated next to the river, the meadow was used for sheep grazing & teasel cultivation in the past – meaning it was essential to the textile trade that saw Frome develop and prosper.

Nowadays it’s a natural wildflower meadow, great for peaceful walks to and from town – and the perfect spot for a weekend picnic or a quiet lunchtime sandwich.

We manage the site with a nod to the traditions of the past, using scythes for cutting. This helps to encourage the patchwork of grasses and wildflowers you’ll find here in the summer.

Getting here

Rodden Meadow can be reached via Willow Vale at one end or from River Walk and New Road at the other end. There are joining paths off Rodden Road, too.

Things to do in Rodden Meadow

  • Spot wildlife, including otters and kingfishers
  • Unleash your inner Poldark and join the Town Rangers for a spot of scything
  • Walk the dog beside the river
  • Take the scenic route to and from the train station

Future Plans

If you have any comments on the plans please get in touch. Send in your thoughts and ideas to Rob Holden, our Environment Manager.

Alternatively, pop in to the Town Hall to have a chat or speak to one of our Rangers in the park.

9 May 2014
Last Updated
24 January 2023