The Old Showfield

Maze at the Old Showfield, Frome

The Old Showfield is Frome’s largest open green space, great for kids, dogs, runners, walkers and general outdoor stuff! It’s also home to parkrun Frome which takes place every Saturday.

The field is also known locally as the Cheese Field – a reminder that it used to be the site of the town’s annual Cheese Show.

Whichever name you know it by, there’s lots to be excited about here.

Getting here

There are plenty of routes to and from the Old Showfield, with access from Bath Road/Rodden Road, the Stonebridge Estate and Berkley Road.

Things to do

  • Slide, swing, jump and zip-wire your way round the play area – one of Frome’s biggest!
  • Catch some weekend football. Or cricket, depending on the time of year
  • parkrun Frome – every Saturday at 9am
  • Get from A to B avoiding the roads and pavements
  • Run, roll and play on the slopes
  • Let the dog or the kids (or both) use up some spare energy. It’s a big site – plenty of space to run around and wear yourself out
  • The Old Showfield is also home to Frome’s Outdoor Gym

Future plans

Here are our plans for the Old Showfield:

If you have any comments on the plans please get in touch. Send in your thoughts and ideas to Rob Holden, our Environment Manager.

Alternatively, pop in to the Town Hall to have a chat or speak to one of our Rangers in the park.

9 May 2014
Last Updated
24 January 2023