Château-Gontier Walk & Henley Way

Riverside routes to and from the town

Within easy walking distance of the town centre, Château-Gontier Walk and Henley Way link the Market Yard and the town centre with Welshmill and northern Frome.

Dedicated to Frome’s twin town in France, Château-Gontier Walk is a popular lunchtime spot for people working in the town centre. It’s also a great place to just stop to watch the world (and the river) go by!

You can find out more about Château-Gontier and Twinning by visiting the Frome Twinning Association website:

Things to do

  • Eat your sandwiches; read a book; generally relax & reflect at Château-Gontier Walk
  • Watch the local canoe club on the river from Henley Way
  • Daydream your visit to Château-Gontier, an interesting and historical town in the Mayenne region of France

Future plans

We’d like to make some improvements to Château-Gontier Walk in the future – the retained beds are showing their age now, and there are opportunities for some really exciting planting to enhance this area.

We’re still at the ideas stage just now – and there are lots of ideas being considered!

And if you have any comments or suggestions please get in touch.

Last updated 2 February 2018