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Wild about Frome

Wild about Frome post at sunset

It’s easy to be Wild about Frome as we are lucky enough to have lots of different green spaces from parks and play areas to riverside meadows.

To help encourage biodiversity we tailor our management and maintenance techniques in each of these spaces. This means we create a variety of different and complementary habitats to support our wildlife and plant life.

You’ll be able to tell which spots we’re keeping as a haven for bees and butterflies with our Wild about Frome signs, so keep an eye out as you’re out and about.

Also if there are any areas you’d like us to leave wild let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Spotted in Frome

Letting Frome get a bit wild means that there’s lots of interesting wildlife in and around Frome. Which is where you can get involved…

We’re going to use this page to keep a list of the interesting, exciting and rare wildlife you’ve ‘Spotted in Frome’. So send in details of what you’ve spotted, including where and when (date and time ideally) to info@frometowncouncil.gov.uk. If you managed to get a good photo that would be great too.

Getting started

We’d also love to hear from you with your hints and tips for wildlife spotting. From the practical – take a waterproof and a nice flask of tea. To the precise – if you suddenly and randomly see lots of birds fly away from a river, then it might be because there’s an otter nearby!

21 June 2019
Last Updated
7 February 2021