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The People’s Budget chooses Platinum Jubilee commemoration

Back in January, Frome Town Council asked residents of Frome for suggestions on how they would like to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee as part of the People’s Budget town vote.  A host of ideas were put forward on the Your Priorities platform and 12 projects were listed. A panel from across the town were then invited to discuss all the ideas submitted.

The People’s Budget allows residents to decide how a portion of the town council budget is spent and, in this case, to decide how to celebrate the jubilee.  The ideas put to the vote were a picnic in Victoria Park, a commemorative stone in the blossom circle at the Old Showfield or a beacon which would be lit to celebrate the royal occasion. After nearly 900 votes cast during the two weeks the clear favourite was the Blossom Circle centrepiece.

Rachel Griffin, Frome Town Council’s Marketing and Communications Manager, said: “We were so pleased with all the suggestions, unfortunately some ideas had to be discounted as they didn’t meet the criteria or weren’t feasible in the time. Others were suggestions that couldn’t be completed in time for June 2nd or were above budget, and of course we had to discount suggestions if the idea was due to take place on land that didn’t belong to us.  But the panel were able to decide on 3 really great ideas.  We’re pleased so many took the time to vote, and thrilled that the Blossom Circle centrepiece with a commemorative stone won. It’ll be a fitting legacy to mark a truly remarkable jubilee.  The team are now working with local stonemasons and quarry to create a design which will be accessible for all which will be in place by the Jubilee. A fitting Windsor royal oak has been planted in the middle of the blossom circle ready for the stone addition.”

Frome Town Council will continue to support people to have street parties to celebrate the jubilee.  Find out more on our community event page.

Further details of the unveiling will be available in due course on our Platinum Jubilee page.

22 March 2022
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22 March 2022
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