Frome’s Outdoor Gym

Frome's Outdoor Gym

Frome’s Outdoor Gym can be found on the Old Showfield, the largest green space we have in town. It’s tucked away behind Frome Medical Practice and Frome Community Hospital. The gym is there for the whole community to use (and enjoy) for free!

Take a look at a short video we made about the Outdoor Gym.

We know many of you already use the outdoor gym. Dog walkers, runners, mums, dads and young people can all be seen enjoying trying it out. Some personal trainers use the gym as part of their outdoor training sessions, no matter what the weather throws at them or their clients!

But we’d love to see more people using the outdoor gym. The gym is designed so anyone can have a go – whether new to exercise or a regular gym user already.

If you’re not sure what all the pieces of equipment are or how to use them, take a look at this guide:

How to get to Frome’s Outdoor Gym

There are plenty of routes to and from the Old Showfield, with access from Bath Road, the Stonebridge Estate and Berkley Road.

4 May 2018
Last Updated
14 February 2021