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FTC urges Mendip to drop their plan to introduce Sunday parking charges in Frome

On 21 May, Mendip is planning to impose Sunday car park charges in Frome. Councillors at Frome Town Council assert that it will have a negative effect on the economy of the town and is driven solely by Mendip’s desire to increase their income.

Leader of Frome Town Council, Toby Eliot, issued a statement today as follows:

“Mendip’s proposed car parking strategy is deeply flawed. It’s bad for the town in so many ways that it is hard to know where to begin. If you want to see the Town Council’s full response it’s on our website. I just want to highlight one area in particular.

“The introduction of Sunday charging is a completely misguided act. The only motive is to make money to prop up Mendip’s fragile budget.  Their car parks generate income for Mendip measured in the thousands. It’s purely financial opportunism …” here’s an opportunity to get some cash, let’s take it” … without any thought on the impacts for the Cheese and Grain, the Westway cinema, the Canoe Club or the Independent Market. It will inevitably reduce trade across the town in the shops and cafes. Weekday charges and season tickets are also set to rise in price.

“We should all be aware that increasing the parking charges is not the only way in which Mendip is planning to sweat their assets (Frome’s car parks). There are also plans to gobble up the North Parade car park for housing. In a town which already struggles with car parking issues is this what we need?

“The Town Council have met with Mendip, they have listened but ignored us. In recent years we’ve enjoyed better communication with Mendip – but not on this issue. Maybe a few more decisions like this and quite a few people in Frome will start thinking that abolishing Mendip, as has recently been suggested, might be an excellent idea.”

Residents of Frome are being asked to take action:

  1. If you object to this please write to your district Councillor.  You can find them here.
  2. Email Cllr Nigel Taylor (Cllr.Taylor@mendip.gov.uk) who is promoting this attack on Frome’s economy.
  3. Turn up at Shepton Mallet for their Cabinet  Meeting at on 21 May. If you want to speak in advance let them know.
  4. Sign our online petition here.

11 May 2018
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19 January 2021
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