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Mayor’s column 10 May

Next Saturday neighbours across the Trinity area are getting together to clear their streets of litter. ‘Bin it for Trinity’ starts at 10.30 meeting outside the Griffin Pub.

Trinity has a really active community group started by some fantastic neighbours, passionate and proud of the area and wanting to make things better. Children in the area had the same idea. They said that they didn’t like litter, dog poo and graffiti. They took action and wrote to me to tell me what they felt and made loads of posters to encourage every one to make the streets cleaner. The Town Council can support this sort of group action… Town Rangers are putting more litter bins the Trinity area and a new notice board to help. The Community Development Officer at the council – Kate Hellard – has loads of experience in helping groups and has great links to other groups across town that can be supportive too. She knows about funding that could be available and can put you in touch with the fund raising support that the Council funds.

If you’re planning a litter pick in your area then the Council also has equipment to borrow: litter grabbers, hoops to hold out litter bags, gloves and high vis jackets.  Having a street party is another great way to get people together and get to know your neighbours better. There is a handy ‘tool kit’ available online that helps you know what to do… the list can look daunting but Kate can help and it’s well worth the effort. The council has a gazebo, tables, chairs and insulated flasks to help and the wonderful SHARE shop has lots of useful things. They have a great website or pop into the shop on the bridge in town. Why buy when you can borrow?

10 May 2018
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23 January 2021
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