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Frome Town Council covers roughly the built-up area of Frome town. It is surrounded by Selwood parish and Berkley parish Councils with other parishes like Nunney and Beckington nearby.

The town is divided into 8 wards and depending on the size, each ward is represented by one or more Town Councillor. For example, if you live in College Ward, you will be represented by three councillors. There are 17 Town Councillors in total and 6 Unitary Councillors.

2022 Town Council and Somerset County Council Elections

This table lists the wards, the number of councillors who will represent those wards and a list of those who stood in the 2022 elections. Only the Berkely Down Ward was contested in the town council elections as the candidates in all the other wards were elected uncontested.

WardNumber of votes per electorProspective candidates
Frome Town Council election:
Berkley Down Ward3Berry, Eve (Ind)
Collier, Anita Jane (IfF) elected
Hills, Anne Marie (IfF) elected
Still, Benjamin David (IfF)
College Ward3Ashford, Tracey (IfF)
Butler, Sara Joanne (IfF)
Jones, Andy (IfF)
Highpoint Ward1Wrintmore, Andy (IfF)
Innox Ward1Tanner, Steve (IfF)
Keyford Ward3Campagna, Philip (IfF)
Dove, Nick (IfF)
Merryweather, Lisa (IfF)
Market Ward2Dorrington, Mark Crispin (IfF)
Usher, Mel (IfF)
Oakfield Ward2Barrows, Fiona Elizabeth (IfF)
Collenette, Carla (IfF)
Park Ward2Lamb, Polly (IfF)
Wide, Max (IfF)
Somerset County Council election:
Frome North2Boyden, Adam Owen Matthew (LD) elected
Clarke, John Martin (Grn)
Cockroft, Christine (LD)
Denton, Dawn Adele (Con) elected
Melton, Lollie (Grn)
Spree, Dale Viven (Con)
Tanner, Steve (IfF)
Frome East2Berry, Eve (Con)
Collins, William Shane (Grn) elected
Kay, Helen Rachel (Grn) elected
Lawrence-Berkeley, Alex (LD)
Nash, Janine Louise (LD)
Ward, Scott Anthony Joseph (IfF)
Wood, Dan (Con)
Frome West2Dimery, Martin John (Grn) elected
Dunk, Michael John (Grn) elected
Hooton, Damon John (LD)
Pinnock, Richard Francis (LD)
Rideout, Mike (Con)
Taylor, Byron Kingsley (Lab)
Thomas, Hilary Anne (Con)

How the 2022 elections worked in Frome and Somerset

Town Council, District Council and County Council elections are usually held every four years. In 2022 Town/Parish elections were brought forward to be in line with unitary elections for Somerset, meaning the following election won’t be for another five years. At the 2022 elections constituents voted for Town/Parish councillors and unitary councillors.

On 1st April 2023, the county council and four district councils became the new unitary Somerset Council. For the first ‘transition’ year (May 2022 to end of March 2023), councillors who were voted-in at the May 2022 unitary elections worked with district councillors to oversee the process to unitary. Then from 1st April 2023 the county councillors become unitary councillors and sit on the new Somerset Council where they will serve for the normal term of four years.

District councillors will remain until May 2023.

The elections for town/parish and unitary councils are organised by Somerset Council. The Electoral Commission regulates and provides guidance over the whole of the UK.

10 March 2022
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