Wild about Sharing

"Wild about Sharing" box at Victoria Park, FromeLots of people in the town contacted us during lockdown to suggest some seed swap boxes for the summer.

We loved the idea – and we’ve expanded it a little bit to create Wild about Sharing.

So initially you’ll find three Wild about Sharing boxes in Victoria Park, Welshmill, and at the Old Showfield.

All three boxes are Ranger-made using lots of upcycled materials.

As the name suggests, they’re for sharing and swapping things that you don’t need or want.

So if you see something you like, you’re free and welcome to take it.

Things we’re wild about

  • Yes please to labelled seeds and plants. And yes please to things like books and toys in good condition
  • Nothing too big or too heavy for the boxes
  • And if you’re leaving or swapping something and the box is full, please either take something to make space or come back another time
  • Please don’t leave things outside the box

At the moment, we’d also recommend good hand hygiene whether you’re sharing or taking things; and you might want to think about cleaning things that you take if that’s practical.

If you like the boxes, please let us know. And you’re welcome to suggest new locations too.

Published 21st July 2020.