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Wild Bunch – Protecting pollinators this Spring

Hi, this is Jane from the Wild Bunch. By the time you read this, we will be fast approaching Easter and gardens, parks and hedgerows will be full of flowers and blossom, Yet the chances are that we will not hear or see the level of insect activity that we used to. By now we have all heard about the climate crisis, the threat to biodiversity and the alarming rate of extinction of many species. The loss of pollinators – bees, butterflies, moths and flies – is serious, as so much of our food production depends on such pollination.

Such knowledge can feel overwhelming. What can I do? Where do I start? It is tempting to deal with such a crisis by putting our head in the sand. Yet we can all easily play a small but significant part in reversing the loss of habitat for pollinators, which is one of the major reasons their numbers are falling. If you picked up a free packet of “Seeds for Bees” during the recent Kindness Festival (thanks to meadowinmygarden.co.uk), get out and plant them now! If not, perhaps buy yourself a packet of seeds – look for ones with the bee-friendly symbol on the front. It’s a great time to get sowing over the Easter holiday. All you need is a small area of soil (or a few large pots) that you can lightly dig over to clear from weeds. Rake to a fine, crumbly finish, sprinkle seeds evenly, gently firm down, then water regularly with a fine spray until the seeds sprout. You should be rewarded with the sound of insects all summer feeding from your flowers. Better still, persuade your neighbours to do the same.

If you would like to join the Wild Bunch, to share other ways to encourage wildlife in gardens and local open spaces, receive the newsletter, or suggest topics for the monthly gatherings, just email fromewildbunch@gmail.com. Our next gathering – 1.30pm on April 18th – is a “Spring Foray” in Rodden Meadow. We look forward to seeing you.

27 March 2024
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20 March 2024
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