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Frome Busks: bringing live music to Frome town centre

On Saturday 9th March, young musicians from Frome College once again took over the town centre, performing live across eight stages around the town centre. It’s the third year the event has run as a collaboration between Frome Town Council and Frome College, with all proceeds to the college’s music department. Head of Performing Arts at Frome College, Josh Hampson said:

“We’ve got a really vibrant music department at the college, with loads of performers. One of the big things for us is fundraising: to run events and provide ourselves with equipment and music classes for our students. So that’s the idea behind Frome Busks, and it also gets the youth of Frome seen in a positive light, out in public, doing something really impressive, with Frome Town Council.

“Teenagers today have so many things available to them, like social media, the internet, things they can learn from, which is incredible, but there are a lot of stresses, like online bullying. It can be a very intense environment for some of them. With music – the musos find each other. They find their place in the music department, they develop confidence, make friends like themselves. By the time they leave us in year 13 they’ve grown and developed, which is such a special thing to see as a teacher, and as a musician who had a similar journey myself. It’s a big deal for a 14-year-old to come out in public and play and sing, which is why events like this are so important – it really improves their confidence.”

Rachel Griffin from FTC said “We’re so lucky to have such a talented, amazing music department up at the college and work with Josh on this fantastic event. It makes the town come to life, it’s just a happy, brilliant event. They’ve got a school that’s happy to support them to come out and perform and at FTC we’re happy to be able to give them performance opportunities. The shopkeepers love it, it brings loads of people into the town. It’s just a brilliant day.”

The 2024 Frome Busks event raised £433 for Frome College’s music department and will be back in 2025.

28 March 2024
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20 March 2024
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