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Wild Bunch Column – An Ode to Autumn

Hello, this is Jenny from the Wild Bunch with our latest column. 

As the daylight hours get shorter, rain and wind make their presence felt, I can feel autumn in the air. The temptation is to tidy away leaves and cut seed heads in our patches, however these are the homes and food for our fellow creatures.  Many creatures use leaves for protection as they go about their business and the last of the seeds on plants can provide vital food for birds and insects.  Some leaf piles may be homes for hedgehogs or harbour food for these prickly animals. In the Wild Bunch we encourage everyone to rewild part of their patch/garden/window box to encourage wildlife and boost diversity.

I have been enjoying observing the spiders and spider webs around my patch and on my walks.  The webs are amazing constructions, they are both beautiful and functional.  I have found it has become easier to spot webs in the early morning mists as they are covered in dew drops. To see their construction of finely woven silk attaching to trees, leaves or fences.  I have a spider in my greenhouse, it has woven an intricate web that covers the expanse of the frame, which I avoid breaking as I go in and out.  It is so transparent that I sometimes forget it is there and have to remind myself each time to duck around this spider’s home and potential larder.  The spider itself has great markings and my intention is to try and identify it! I don’t know much about spiders but plan to learn some more.

In the Frome Wild Bunch, we aim to encourage and support wildlife in and around Frome, especially in gardens, parks, allotments and anywhere that could be seen as a home, refuge or food source.  If you are interested in supporting wildlife in our area and helping to boost diversity, come along to one of our meetings.  We meet the third Thursday of each month 1.30-2.30pm in the Town Hall, with the option to join online via zoom.

On 19th October we are looking at fungi – come along and join us, the location is yet to be confirmed but it will be outside. To find out more about the Wild Bunch, take a look at our Facebook page or sign up for a monthly get-together at www.frometowncouncil.gov.uk/wild-bunch

11 October 2023
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11 October 2023
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