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Time to think about becoming Plastic Free.Period?

Bring your friends, sisters, and work besties together and make your way to the Archangel on Thursday 20th April from 7pm, to see if it’s time to make a change for your purse and the planet by becoming Plastic Free.Period.

With reusable period products costing 88% to 98% less than disposables ones, switching to reusable and ecologically friendly period products is a simple and effective way to reduce waste and protect the environment while saving money.

This fun and friendly social on the 2oth is a chance to get your questions answered and chat with those who have already made the shift to sustainable (and plastic free) period alternatives. As well as finding something that suits you and your lifestyle by looking at some of the items available, from menstrual cups to period pants.

Local resident Laura said, “Recently I’ve been thinking about how I could make a difference in a way that works for me. I’ve heard that modern reusable period products are comfortable, healthier, and easy to use so, this feels like a great opportunity to find out more in a relaxed and informal setting.”

So, if you’ve been thinking about making the switch, gather the girls and explore the impact to the environment and potential cost savings. You will also be in with a chance of winning 2 sets of Wuka period pants, so it really is win, win!

Plastic Free. Period. was launched by Frome Town Council and Frome Medical Practice last year to help Frome work towards becoming a Plastic Free.Period town. Find out more about becoming Plastic Free.Period via www.frometowncouncil.gov.uk/plastic-free-period

22 March 2023
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23 March 2023
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