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Listen up… children of Frome want to say something.

Two classes in Vallis School have written to me and I’ve seen a presentation from year 6 pupils at Selwood school. Oakfield had also contacted the council. All these students have been in touch to point out things they don’t like around Frome and they all agree… they don’t like graffiti, rubbish and ‘dog poo’!

I don’t suppose any of us really like these… though I have to admit to a liking for quality graffiti, after all Banksy’s work is seen as graffiti and not in any negative sense.

In Frome we have graffiti walls where it is ok to spray paint but just scrawling ‘tags’ on garage doors and lamp posts seems pointless and irritating. There is a fantastic new image on the wall in Welshmill playground done by children during the Children’s Festival with the help of a graffiti artist.

Most of us don’t get the urge to spray paint but any dog owner has the responsibility to clear up on dog walks. It’s not hard these days with bags easily available and dog poo bins strategically placed around town. Several pupils thought there should be more bins but I think, if need be, it isn’t hard just to take the offending bag home and dispose of it. Owning a dog has many  wonderful benefits but there are responsibilities too and that is one of them.

When it comes to litter we can all help here. It’s obvious that we should put our rubbish in a bin. Where bins are full then I have used the app FixMyStreet. You take a picture with a smart phone, upload it on the app and it sends it to the people that can sort it and it really works!

21 July 2017
Last Updated
23 January 2021
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