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Take an EBike out for a spin

Doing our bit for the planet is on many people’s minds which means lots of residents are choosing to travel actively by walking and biking.

EBikes are a great choice as they are good for your health, a source of sustainable transport and Frome Town Council have two available for hire through Cycology Bikes.

EBike outside Cycology

Whether it is to explore Frome and surrounding countryside for a welcome sense of calm or trying a new way of travelling actively to work or appointments; an electric bike can be a great way of getting some exercise whilst the power assist of the EBike makes the many hills in our area feel like a breeze. 

Cllr Rob Collett said, “EBikes are a lot of fun – easy for both cycling newcomers and biking enthusiasts. And they provide the perfect opportunity to get out to explore and enjoy the beautiful countryside around Frome. And importantly they contribute to cutting carbon emissions.” 

With the sense of spring in the air there’s more reason than ever to get out and about and give your body and mind a welcome boost. And if you’ve been considering purchasing your own EBike, hiring one could be a good trial run.

The Frome Health Connectors are able to signpost clients with a discount code to encourage people whose health would benefit from cycling to get involved with the scheme. To find out more about Health Connections visit www.healthconnectionsmendip.org

EBikes have numerous benefits from reducing air and noise pollution to helping people to get active and improving mental health and wellbeing, so why not give them a whirl? The bikes can be hired for half a day at £6 or a full day for £12. Simply book a bike online at www.discoverfrome.co.uk/ebike-hire/ then collect it from Cycology Bikes, near Cork St car park, Waterloo, BA11 3JB.

24 March 2021
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24 March 2021
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