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Schools put their best foot forward for active travel

Thousands of young people from eight of Frome’s schools got involved in this year’s School Travel Challenge.

The Challenge, which is organised by Frome Town Council, is now in its third year and continues to encourage more active travel from families getting to and from school.

It saw young people from Beckington First School, Hayesdown First School, Mells First School, St John’s First School, St Louis Primary, Steiner Academy Frome, Trinity First School and Vallis First School ditched the cars arrived by foot, bikes and scooters.

Mayor of Frome, Mark Dorrington said, “Travelling actively is great for the environment, our health and the community and this challenge really shows how fun and easy it can be to leave the car at home and make your journey in an active way.”

Students took part in a wide variety of activities over the week including the always popular smoothie bike, Be Bright Be Visible campaign to keep people safe and the Walking Bus where families met to walk to school together.

Every child was given a Nature Trail to spot items on the way to school which helps to keep journeys fun and interesting and Cheryl from Mojo Moves also stopped by to give the young people an active boost during the school day.

Headteacher of Hayesdown Primary, Julia Battersby said, “One of our school values is be happy and healthy so it’s been great to get involved.”

The Schools and Town Council are keen to make this sustainable and want parents and children to continue travelling actively at least once a week. The Town Council plans to work alongside each of the schools to create a five-minute car free zone to support families to park and stride whenever possible in the future.

The School Travel Challenge was set up in 2017 by local charity Frome’s Missing Links, who campaign for better and safer walking and cycling routes in and around Frome. Money raised through the Be Bright days will go to supporting the charity.

If you’d like to discover a Nature Trail on your journey to school download it here.

Photos ©David Chedgy Photography

Published 29/05/2019

30 May 2019
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