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Statement position regarding Saxonvale developments

This statement draws on the policies and objectives within the Saxonvale Planning Brief & Design Codes 2005, Frome River Strategy 2012, Town Design Statement 2015, Frome Neighbourhood Plan 2008-28, draft Saxonvale policy in Mendip Local Plan Part 2 and evidence of need in the town. It was agreed by councillors at Town Matters Committee 19/09/17

  1. We wish to explore how FTC can work with MDC to deliver a high-quality comprehensive scheme that fully integrates with the existing town centre and provides sustainable transport choices, with good means of access for those on foot and bicycle between the development and the existing town centre and providing relief for Vicarage Street.
  2. We are prepared to explore the possibility of inclusion of FTC’s own land in any scheme.
  3. We support a mixed-use solution. The mix should include:
    1. A broad range of dwellings in terms of size, cost and tenure.  To address the pressing need for more affordable accommodation in the town, we would expect to see social rented and shared equity opportunities as part of the mix.  The recommendation is a minimum of 30% affordable housing. We would also like to explore the possibility of delivering housing that meets the needs of young people and families who are currently priced out of Frome and the growing number of older people (‘downsizers’) whose future housing aspirations are not being met by either specialist retirement developments or mass-market housing products.
    2. Retail space that broadens the comparison offer of the town centre through sensitive new development
    3. Leisure e.g. restaurants, pubs and hotel accommodation that encourage greater evening activity and space for cultural and community activity, for example a town square, that will enhance the town centre as a destination
    4. Workspace that helps to meet the needs of businesses in the town and the opportunity for training providers such as SS& L to continue to operate in the town centre.
    5. A well-connected riverside park to improve access to the river as well as other public spaces and a new pedestrian and cycle bridge across the river that will better connect the development with both the existing town centre and surrounding residential areas and enable cyclists to avoid busier roads in the town centre.
  4. Our expectation is that the development closest to the existing town centre will be of a higher density with a gradation to lower density development towards Rivers Reach.  Building heights should respect the topography.
  5. FTC would wish to see an opportunity for the community to be engaged pre-application.

Published 20th September 2018

20 September 2018
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20 September 2018
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