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Saxonvale – what next?

On Wednesday night (17 September) Frome Town Council agreed to work on a prospectus that sets out an alternative plan for the regeneration of the Saxonvale site. It will be used to illustrate and explain the type of development the community wants and to approach funders and developers who might like to come on board.

This exciting opportunity allows the people of Frome to have a real say in the plans for the much-debated town development. This work would be commissioned and financed by the Town Council who have agreed to allocate £10,000 to producing the prospectus.

Frome Town Council are committed to finding a development that works for the people of Frome, something that really reflects the wants and needs of the community and this prospectus will be one of the first steps towards doing something really positive with the site.

Frome Town Clerk, Paul Wynne said, “At the moment there are three unconnected planning applications on the table proposing to build houses, a care home and a supermarket. None of which really fit the bill for the community. A prospectus will allow us to promote the development of the site as a whole which makes a lot more sense than the incremental approach that is proposed to happen at the moment by default.”

Published 22nd September 2014

22 September 2014
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19 January 2021
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