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Saxonvale – Next Steps

Saxonvale – work on new Prospectus moves to next stage.

Expressions of interest are being invited this week from consultants to assist with the development of an Implementation Prospectus for Saxonvale.  This follows the decision last week by Frome Town Council to commission this work ahead of the determination of current planning applications by Frontier and Terramond.  Click here for a copy of the brief and here for a map of Saxonvale.

Councillor Mel Usher, Leader of the Council said, “Neither of the current planning applications really hits the mark in terms of what the community wants for the Saxonvale site.  And that is why we are pressing ahead with this work so quickly. A prospectus will allow us to promote the development of the site as a whole which makes a lot more sense than the incremental approach that is proposed at the moment by default.”

“Just to be clear, the purpose of this prospectus is two-fold:  it will present a more detailed vision of the type of development the community wants reflecting on what we have heard through earlier consultation; secondly it will present a new route to delivery – how we can break the current logjam by bringing public and private sector partners together to deliver it.”

“In this process, we will be working closely with community interest company Carley Development Trust.  Contrary to some reports Carley is not a campaign group.  It has been set up with the specific role of working with the Town Council and other landowners to try to bring a community-led development to the site.”

“It’s about time that we stopped sitting back anticipating that a developer, like a knight in shining armour will turn up by chance to build the scheme we want. We have seen the results of this laissez faire attitude only too well over the last few years. They come, they go and we are left to pick up the pieces.”

“It’s about time all of the landowners of this and neighbouring sites,   but especially those in the public sector, ourselves and Mendip,  stood up and be counted. Together we own some key pieces of land and we should be leveraging that ownership to make a break through on Saxonvale.”

“So today I am throwing down the gauntlet for all landowners to join with us in a meeting we will convene in the next few weeks, once the prospectus is under way, so that we can report back to the people of Frome on progress.”

Published 1st October 2014

1 October 2014
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19 January 2021
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