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Christchurch Street Building Purchase

Frome Town Council is delighted to announce that it agreed on Wednesday (17 Sept) to purchase the former Frome Rural District Council building on Christchurch Street West. The County Council agreed to reduce the purchase price of the building by £50,000 to £275,000. Mel Usher, Leader of the Council said, “I am delighted that we can now create a very special community venue in Frome. The intention is to bring as many voluntary and charitable services under one roof as possible. They will be joined by the Town Council; finally we have found a suitable permanent home after a decade’s long search. We anticipate that the building will be owned by the town through a trust and that many individuals and organisations will see it as a central hub for a plethora of activities. I am not sure this has been tried before by a Town Council so Frome could be first again. Over the next few months the planning and use of the building will involve a wide variety of contributors. My thanks to everyone who lobbied the County Council and succeeded in getting the price dropped, especially David Warburton.” The decision to buy was taken after Town Clerk, Paul Wynne, presented the results from a number of detailed surveys requested following the meeting on the 23rd July. None of the surveys revealed any surprises and all work will be completed before most organisations take up residence, which is anticipated to be in early Summer 2015 once the County Council staff have moved out. The income from the uses of the building will match expenditure and the effect will be neutral on the precept.

19 September 2014
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19 January 2021
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