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Safer School Streets – Join in the discussion! 

Residents and families are invited to view and discuss the approved Safer School Streets plans in a series of events being held at the end of January. The meetings will be an opportunity to hear more about why the initiative is needed, what the design will look like and to discuss, as a community, how we can work together to make the trial a success.

Designed by Sustrans in partnership with the schools, Frome Town Council and Somerset County Council, using a co-design process with the community, the scheme has been designed to make conditions safer for walking and cycling near Trinity First School, Oakfield Academy, Avanti Park School, Critchill School and Bright Stars Nursery. The initiative extends the 20 mile an hour zone, closes the streets to traffic between 8:00- 9:15 and 2:45-3:30. Importantly, residents, blue badge holders, buses and emergency services are still able to travel through the closure zone. 

The Safer School Streets initiative will be installed in summer term for a trial period of 18 months and will be monitored to assess its effectiveness in reducing traffic, improving safety and increasing levels of active travel on the school run. Residents and families are invited to view the plans and discuss the scheme with the schools, Frome Town Council and Somerset County Council.

Cllr Polly Lamb said: “I’ve been so impressed with the Sustrans team’s design which shows a deep understanding of the current traffic problem around our schools and a real commitment to child safety. I think this trial will benefit the children, parents and local residents alike and hope that other schools in Frome will also be able to adopt a similar scheme in the future.”

Details of the “Quiet Way” that Sustrans have also secured funding for will also be discussed. A Quiet Way limits traffic speeds and makes the route safer for cycling and allows for more permanent measures such as improved crossings to be delivered once funding has been acquired. This additional measure along Oakfield and Somerset Roads will complement the Safer School Street scheme. 

The meetings will take place on the following dates and residents and families are welcome at any of the dates: 

Avanti Park School – Wednesday 25th January 2023  5-6:30pm 

Oakfield Academy – Thursday 26th January 2023  6:30-8pm 

Trinity First School – Wednesday 1st February   2-3pm 

The plans can be viewed ahead of the meetings on the School Streets page.

21 December 2022
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21 December 2022
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